About Us

We, National Academy of Geo and Space Science (NAGSS), established in 2014 and incorporated in 2015 are a non-governmental, non-profit educational organization. Our purpose is to further the education of our members, students, researchers and the general public in the subjects of earth science, astronomy and the related space science, and to increase public awareness and enjoyment of these sciences.

The membership is composed of people from all walks of life who share a common scientific interest. Many are involved in school and civic activities. Some conduct research for professional organizations, while others just enjoy the serenity of a night under a canopy of stars. Whatever a member’s interests, all share a common fascination for the mysteries of our universe and a willingness to exchange and share the results of practical observational experience.


What we Do

We regularly organize various activities related to space sciences along with earth sciences and we are taking our leap into becoming probably the only organization in the nation to organize nationwide campaigns related to these sciences. We believe science cannot be learnt only through lectures and theories and we rather emphasize on giving practical education with the involvement of the students themselves which helps to broaden their minds and their interest in these sciences. In a country such as ours, where subjects like astronomy and space science are merely limited to textbooks and equipments like telescopes are merely a dream of many young students, we are trying to make a difference.


Why Astronomy?

Why is astronomy so important? Astronomy and space science, generally, is an effective method for broadening the human perspective, contributing new ideas and technologies and alerting the world to impending harm. Beyond the practical and defense-oriented uses for astronomy, the field is important to the modern world for the same reason it was important to the ancient world: astronomical discoveries have the potential to shift the human consciousness. Examples of this process abound in history. Close observation of comets and the phases of Venus were instrumental in disproving the geocentric model that put Earth in an exalted place in the universe. Learning the true distances between stars and between galaxies helped teach humanity more about its place in the cosmos. Searching for signals from extraterrestrial intelligence contributes to the human understanding of radio astronomy and even basic physics. Another way astronomy contributes to the modern world is in developing the skills needed to advance other sciences. Modern astronomy can’t function without advanced mathematics, precision engineering and sophisticated computer science.

Throughout history, the night sky has always been a fascination. Our ancestors depended on the stars. They relied on the stars to navigate across continents, keep track of time and led to the creation of the calendar, which has become an inevitable part of our lives. Astronomy had an influence on our perception of the universe. The earliest example was when Nicolaus Copernicus placed the Sun at the center of the universe rather than the earth. Our ancestors mapped the night sky into constellations, as this made observations easier.


Our Objective

With the advancement of technology, we are able to observe more of our universe. We know, among the stars, we belong somewhere. One may think that we are wasting so much money on observing objects that we would never reach up to. But the observation of our universe gives insight into our place in it. Studying the behaviour of heavenly bodies has only benefited us. Astronomy is a field of science that is a direct boon to the society. Most of the technology that is invented primarily for astronomy has been adopted for use in different fields of science.

We all are just a speck of stardust, stuck in this small planet called Earth. The universe is vast beyond our comprehension. We are entwined with the stars. Isn’t it enthralling to just imagine the vastness of space? How all these grew from nothing? Astronomy is the tool we use to try to understand what we can of the universe.
So friends, regardless if you are a newcomer to the hobby or a long time observing veteran, our range of events, programs, member interests, and observing aids can be at your disposal. Even if you are not familiar at all with the night sky or do not possess a telescope, that is totally fine. We all started in the same way, and our more experienced members will be glad to assist in every way possible. We encourage all to be participants in our activities so all of us can learn and benefit.
Membership is open to anyone with an interest in astronomy. Telescope ownership is not required at all and there is no minimum age requirement to get involved in our activities. NAGSS welcomes you all!